The Babadook

AnonymousMarch 23, 2021

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery.
Released: 2014.
Director: Jennifer Kent.
Starring: Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman, Daniel Henshall.
The widowed Amelia has thought about suicide more than once. The girl was distracted from gloomy thoughts only by a child who constantly needed mother’s love and care. Looking at the face of her only son, she remembered his father every time, and this gave the young woman the strength to come to terms with the loss and live on. Samuel’s dad died on the day when the baby was supposed to be born. On the way to the maternity hospital, the irreparable happened, and the baby will never be able to meet with his parent. Amelia understood that a seven-year-old tomboy needed a man’s hand, but she could not bring herself to fall in love with another man, pushing away annoying gentlemen. Samuel grew up as a restless, nervous and sensitive child, practically did not communicate with his peers, more often he sat in his room, looking at the book he found in the attic and pestering him to read aloud to him. The woman reluctantly agreed, even though she did not like the book – the cover is gloomy, and the name is strange – “Mister Babadook”.
The main character of the story was a certain dark creature from a parallel world, who appears in nightmares for those who have the imprudence to learn about its existence. After reading the mystical story, strange things began to happen to the family – objects were moving in the house, footsteps and laughter were heard at night, and once the hostess found crushed glass in the soup. The boy refused to confess to leprosy and blamed Babadook, who allegedly incarnated in reality and pursues him. Because of the invisible monster, he even got into a fight with his cousin, breaking the girl’s nose just because she dared to doubt the presence of the monster. From school, turning into a hysterical despot, the child also had to be taken away. Having flared up, the mother tore the ill-fated romance apart. My son had a nervous attack, and the book returned to the house safe and sound, and even replenished with new pages with images of Amelia herself, killing the dog and strangling her own son. The monster openly threatened its opponent, promising to grow within itself. Realizing that it is a mortal threat to a normal society, the unfortunate widow seeks a way to get rid of the painful visions and thoughts imposed by the monster. She manages to expel the uninvited guest from her consciousness, however, now the strengthened Babadook can take any forms and images that he can think of. To get to the boy and humiliate his only defender even more, he takes the form of a man, for one glance at which, Amelia was ready to give her life.

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