Smokin’ Aces

AnonymousMarch 23, 2021

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime.
Released: 2006.
Director: Joe Carnahan.
Starring: Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta.
The underworld is too cruel. He is not able to forgive anyone and is ready to fight back at any moment. He’s a gangster Buddy who’s not afraid to take risks at all. But, even in spite of his pretty good skills, the man gets caught by the police. Then a difficult time begins for him. Buddy has to testify against his friends and the underworld he knew about. This is why the crime syndicate is no longer willing to tolerate Buddy’s chatter. Now a real chase begins for him, which is not easy to cope with. In order to protect Buddy’s life before the trial, the FBI assigns two agents to him.
Agents do not just have to protect a criminal. And all because Buddy is not one of those people who, at the slightest risk, sit in amusement. He loves publicity and does not intend to hide at all. This is what makes him an easy target and target for his former allies. Well, now a man, in order to cope completely, will have to work hard for this. One wrong step and life may end for him. Well, will he be able to continue to cope at all, or will it still fail to do anything right? In any case, he doesn’t have much choice.

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