It Follows

AnonymousMarch 23, 2021

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller.
Released: 2014.
Director: David Robert Mitchell.
Starring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi.
A girl stands on the beach at night, alone, in the light of car headlights. She calls her parents’ number in tears. She tells them that she loves them, says goodbye to them, and asks to forgive them for the pain she caused. The girl hangs up, and the next morning her body is found on the beach. It is disfigured, death was long and painful. Unaware of the incident, a girl named Jay lives a happy life. She is beautiful, smart and popular. She also has a date with a very nice young man named Hugh.
The couple go to the cinema, and in front of the entrance, the guy sees a strange girl. He talks about it to Jay, but she doesn’t attach much importance. However, the guy behaves very strangely, and asks his companion to leave the session with him. She agrees. A few days later, the young people meet again. They drive Hugh’s car, and then make passionate love right in the car. After the act, the guy puts the girl to sleep with chloroform, and when Jay wakes up, he discovers that she was tied with ropes to a chair. Hugh tells her that he passed her a curse. Now the girl’s life is in jeopardy. An unknown creature will hunt her until she is killed. Jay can commit suicide, or get rid of the curse by passing it on to another person through intercourse. Time is running out.

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