Dr. Strangelove

AnonymousMarch 23, 2021

Genre: Comedy.
Released: 1964.
Director: Stanley Kubrick.
Starring: Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden.
In the center of the plot, an experienced commander is Jack D. Ripper, who has become the best specialist in his field. From an early age, he dreamed of occupying an important post in the country, and of being a respected person that others would need. And all this he managed to bring to life. Only long work in the American special forces made the man very paranoid. Wine of all Russia, which has always competed with America, and constantly dreamed of taking possession of it. But the main character is sure that while he is on duty, no enemy will be able to realize his insidious plan.
The commander naturally finds ways of solving himself, and decides to start the war immediately. At the same time, he did not notify the country’s top leadership at all. Jack wanted to send several nuclear bombs to this country, removing it altogether from the map. But the president, who found out in time, still manages to stop it. Information about their intentions is quickly scattered around the area. And now the President of America needs to try hard to explain all this at a meeting of heads of different countries …

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